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Many businesses today are turning to independent contractors. These are non-employees that provide comprehensive services, often at a lower cost than a full-time employee. Independent contractors operate as a separate entity from your business. They are not your direct employees, but they perform work on your company's behalf. READ MORE >>

Your family can grow in many ways, and sometimes your new baby can be a fur baby. Perhaps it's time to get a pet. They are, after all, beloved additions to your home. But having a new pet in your home does raise your risks as a homeowner. The pet could cause injury and property damage risks to you, your family and your visitors. READ MORE >>

Being a single parent isn’t easy, and you’re likely stretched thin as it is. You have to manage the various aspects of family life on your own, and need a vehicle to do so. Your car is likely one of your lifelines. What if something happens to your car? READ MORE >>

If your business has customers or clients coming to your location, the place you do business from has increased importance. Well-equipped and well-furnished businesses assure visitors that your company is prosperous. Also, they can see you have the equipment and talent to get their job completed. READ MORE >>

Winter is on the way, even though you may not realize it yet. In a few months, changing weather may make it seem like a bad idea to drive your classic car. Most drivers only use their classic cars during the best of seasons. This is because classic cars often require extensive preservation and maintenance. READ MORE >>

Even though it is only August, the end is drawing near for boating season. Often, as the fall and winter approach, boaters no longer take to the water the way they did during the summer. If you’ve enjoyed a boat for the summer, you have to take care to put it away properly. READ MORE >>

Whenever you take your motorcycle out, you might want to bring along a friend. Even though passengers are routine fixtures on motorcycles, their presence causes risks. Generally, motorcycle insurance is a valuable asset for both riders and passengers. Riders should invest in the right coverage to protect both them and their guests. READ MORE >>

Summer is almost here and nature is calling. Are you ready to get your boat out onto the water and enjoy the sunshine with your loved ones? Here are five tips to keep your family safe on the water this season. #1: Have a Zero-Tolerance Life Jacket Rule Experienced boat owners already know that life jackets are crucial to saving lives. READ MORE >>

Your motorcycle is a valuable asset you are proud to own. Yet, motorcycles are often a target for thieves.  Though newer models have ample security systems, it is possible that you could face this risk. If you have the right type of motorcycle insurance in place, you may not have to worry about the financial loss. READ MORE >>

Is your home at risk of floods? A flood is very damaging to any property. It not only causes water damage within the home or but also damages the soil outside, putting the foundation at risk. Flood risks are high in some areas as a result of their proximity to nearby ponds, lakes, or rivers. READ MORE >>

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